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    You can define non labor resources to charge costs associated with fixed asset (such as PC, Server, Equipment, etc.) usages in a project. Expenditures with expenditure type class of usage should have a corresponding non labor resource defined in system. You can define different cost rate for the same non-labor resource in different business organizations. You can create, view or update a
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    Expenditures represent the cost of work incurred to complete a task or an activity of a project. An expenditure type represents the type of cost incurred in completing a task or a project. Expenditure type specifies what type of cost (such as labor, overhead, burden, invoice, etc.) can be charged to a project. Expenditure type also helps in categorizing different project costs. Each expendit
  •  Project Funding InformationRead More..
    You can fund one or more projects from a single agreement. To fund a project from an agreement, the agreement customer should be associated with the project. You can create trasaction lines by various different methods. 1. Manually entering funding level information. 2. Importing funding details from a spreedsheet. 3. Copying any existing funding lines. Line Id: Line id is a re
  •  Agreement Header Level InformationRead More..
    Agreement Header Id: A unique system generated number. You can’t modify this number. Agreement Number: A unique number assigned to each agreement and referred in all documents/transactions. You can manually enter a unique number before saving the transaction record. If you leave this field blank, system auto-generates a unique agreement number. BU
  •  Project Agreement Read More..
    An agreement in project represents any form of negotiated contract between you and one of your customers to accomplish the tasks of a project. You specify all the financial terms & conditions (such payment term, agreement amount, currency, etc.) in the project agreement. All the project invoices and revenues are generated as per the signed agreement. You can use agreements to fund projects and tasks
  •  Budget Line InformationRead More..
    You can enter task details in the budget line. If you don’t want to budget project in task levels then you enter the total budget amount in a single task. You can select only tasks of the project that is entered in the budget header level. You can create budget lines by various different methods. 1. Manually entering line level information. 2. Importing line details from a spreads
  •  Header Level InformationRead More..
    Budget Header Id: A unique system generated number. You can’t modify this number. Project Number: Enter the project number in the project number field. You can enter the project number in different ways 1. Enter 2 consecutive characters from any part of the project number in the project number field and system will show you a list of projects containing the
  •  Project BudgetRead More..
    Project budget is a detailed estimate of all the costs required to complete project tasks and the revenue that can be generated from the project. A detailed budget helps in controlling cost and there by managing the expectations of all the stakeholders. Important points about budget 1. You need to setup budget types and budget entry methods before trying to create budget for any projec
  •  Work TypeRead More..
    Work types represent a classification of work and control different attributes of expenditure items. You can use work type to specify which expenditure items are billable. You can also use work type to decide if an expenditure item can be capitalized or not. Work types can be assigned at different labels such as project type, project template, project, top task and lowest level task. System uses the
  •  Project TypeRead More..
    Project Type controls the project process flow, expenditure and revenue elements. Project type defines the nature of the project i.e. Indirect, Capital or, Contractual. Project type is also used to default various information to projects. Project type specifies the billing process, billing currency and billing amount calculation method. You can use project types to incorporate custom billing extension programs.

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