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  •  End to End processRead More..

    inoERP End to End process encompasses all the business activities of an organization and links into the other upstream/ downstream organizations in the supply chain.

    Click on below links to learn more about all the processes and activities.

  •  Oganization StructureRead More..

    All Organizations are classified into 4 differnt groups

    1. EnterPrise Organization

    2. Legal Organization

    3. Business Organization

    4. Inventory Organization


  •  About inoERP - An IntroductionRead More..

    inoERP is an open source php based enterprise management system.
    The ERP systems contain all the required modules for running any small to mid-size businesses.
    The features are very similar to Oracle R12/ Fusion Application and SAP.
    It also contains a light weight CMS which seamlessly integrates with the ERP

    Why inoERP
    The ideas behind inoERP i

  •  Form TypeRead More..

    1. Single Header Form – One table though form – rest _after_save()
    Form with a single header and no lines. Primary data stored in a single table.
    Ex : Path, Content, Page, WIP Move Transaction, Category
    1.1 Single header with data in line tab –
    BOM Resource, Enterprise, Business Org, Cost Type, Material Element
    1.2 Single header with data in line tab /header tab - Item Master

    2. Multiple Lines of single form
    Forms without header but multiple

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