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    Overhead in accounting term refers to all ongoing business expenses not including or related to direct labor, direct materials or third-party expenses that are billed directly to customers. In the conventional method, overhead is applied to the reference object (such as machines, employees)as a percentage rate or a quantity-based rate. InoERP uses two different types of overheads - Material Overhead & Ov
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    An item cost consists of 5 different cost elements – Material, Material Over Head, Overhead, Resource & OSP. Material cost represents the cost of the raw material/component at the lowest level of the bill of material. Material costs are usually derived from the purchase price of buy items. If you are using material costing, you can use sub-elements as smaller classifications of the cost el
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    Different cost types are predominantly used in standard cost organizations for cost tracking, cost projection, cost simulation and analysis. A cost type is nothing but a set of costs uniquely identified by a name. In standard cost organization, System uses "Frozen" cost for all financial transaction. Similarly, in average cost organization, system usage "Average Cost", "Average Cost Rate Type" for all financial transactions.
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    In resource line, you can assign different cost types and rates for simulation and analysis. System uses frozen cost type for resource calculation. Sequence Number: Sequence number is a read-only field. System auto-populates a unique sequence number for all the lines. Resource Cost Id: Resource Cost Id is a read-only field. Resource Cost Id is an auto increased, primary key of the bom_resou
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    Inventory Organization: Select inventory organization name where you want to create resource. Organization is a mandatory field. Resource: Enter resource name. Resource is a mandatory free text field. Description: Enter description for the resource. Description is a 255 character length text field. Resource Type: Select type of the resource. Resource Type is a mandatory field. Charg
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    Resource is an object, or entity, or a person that is required to accomplish a manufacturing activity. Resources are used to capture the cost in a manufacturing process. Resources can also be used for capacity planning. Resources can be, for example: 1. Person Resource : A Person involved in actual production ; A person resource can be associated to an employee. 2. Machine Resource : A machine of
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    In BOM line, you add all the direct child components required to manufacture the BOM header item. Line Id: Line id is a read-only field. Line id is an auto increased, primary key of the bom_line table. Sequence Number: Enter a BOM Sequence number. System auto-populates a unique sequence number for all the lines but it allows you to manually update the number. Routing Sequence Number: Select rout
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    Inventory Organization: Select inventory organization name where you want to create item BOM. Item Information: Enter the item number in the item number field. You can enter the item number in different ways i. Enter 2 consecutive characters from any part of the item number in the item number field and system will show you a list of items containing the text entered in that field. You can select t
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    A bill of materials for an item is a list of the raw materials, sub-assemblies, phantoms and the quantities of each needed to manufacture one unit of the same item. BOM is not only used by production for manufacturing products but also used by different planning methods for suggesting planed orders. The bill of materials is also used for cost estimates, cost roll-up, lead time roll-up, inventory control, backflush and

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