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  •  Inventory CountRead More..

    Inventory Count : What & Why
    Cycle count
    Physical Inventory
    Variance Limit & Approval
    Schedule Count – Count Frequency
    Enter Count
    Count Entry Actions : Approve, Reject & Recount

  •  ABC AnalysisRead More..

    Over View of ABC Analysis
    Why ABC Analysis is required.
    Importance of ABC Analysis.

    Standard business pracices on ABC criteria.

    ABC Valuation Criteria
    MRP Demand Quantity & MRP Demand Value
    On hand Quantity & On hand Value
    MBMM Max Quantity & MBMM Max Quantity Value
    Standard Cost

    ABC Valuation Program

    ABC Assignment percentage of Value & percentage of Items

    Usage of ABC in Cyclce count
    Usage of APBC in Planning &

  •  Inventory - Item, Onhand & Transactions Read More..

    Inventory modules has below features

    1. Item Master

    The product allows defining items in a master organization and then controlling the item attributes in various other organizations.

    System has many inbuilt attributes that help business in having better control over purchasing, sales & planning activities. Secondary attribute fields can also be used with Item master.

    Create, Update and Copy Item Assignment Item Revisions Attributes are discussed in

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